Haircut Ladies and Gents

Ami Sekisan: 60

Sophia Deininger: 55

Natalie Stavast: 57

Lea Muses: 55

Rose Heinze: v/a 61

Shannon Wakeling: 60

Ingmar Kleijn-de Ruijter: F58 M53

Mel Kane: 53

Eyup Gunes: 52

Heath Roberts: 62

Janneke Planje: 55

Loula Belle-Brayford: 64

Daniel Smeets: M45 F52

Jennifer Golden: 60

Clint Dunlop: F58 M50

“All hairdressers reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee for less the 24 hours notice”

Barber services

Buzzcut v.a 30



Blowdry v.a. 40

Pin up v.a. 50

Make Up Service

Basic & Advanced v.a. 35


Regrowth tint  v.a  65

Spoeling/Glossing v.a 65

Creative colour p.o.a.

Colour correction p.o.a.

Olaplex p.o.a


1/2 head v.a 85

Full head v.a 100

Balayage v.a 100

Extensions by Rose

price by appointment.