Remi Wagid Hosain

Remi Wagid Hosain started his hairdressing adventure in 1999.

In 2001 he joined Rob Peetoom where he received intensive technical training. Eager to express himself more freely, Remi joined Kinki Kappers where under the influence of Vidal Sassoon technique he was able to explore a whole new world. It wasn’t long before Remi was teaching his remarkable skills to the other hairdressers.

Restless for change, in 2007 he relocated to Sydney Australia. He spent the next three years polishing his Aussie accent and working for some of the world’s most prestigious salons including Christopher Hanna.

Having now come full circle, Remi is back in Amsterdam, fully accomplished as a freelance hairstylist at Wild Romance. He sources inspiration from the music industry and Japanese anime and he is really into short creative cuts and colours for both men and women.

All of the images shown here are of Remi’s work

***** Update ****

Remi will move to a different salon starting from 1st of july

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